This is the page for all my resources and documents for the book of Third John. The first section contains documents that survey the entire book. The next section is broken down by each passage. Click the label of any passage to expand for access to documents and information about each individual passage. In each section, you can also click to see a detailed, annotated outline of this section. Feel free to use and distribute any information you find helpful as long as you give credit where appropriate.
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  • 1-4 Introduction
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    1 Salutation
    1a From: The Elder
    i.e. John
    1b To: Gaius, the beloved, whom I love in truth
    Nothing more is known about Gaius except this letter
    2-4 Thanksgiving/Prayer Report
    2 I desire you to be blessed in all things
    2a Beloved, I desire concerning everything
    2b-d What I desire
    2b-c You will succeed and be healthy
    2b You would succeed
    Literally "prosper"
    There is no room for prosperity gospel nonsense in this verse
    Just a standard blessing, "I want things to go well with you"
    2c And be healthy
    2d Just as your soul is succeeding
    3-4 Reason: Because I rejoice that my children are walking in truth
    3I rejoice that you are walking in truth
    3a I rejoiced greatly
    3b-d Reason: The brothers told me you are walking in truth
    3b When the brothers came
    3c-d They testified that you are walking in truth
    3c And they testified to your truth
    3d Just as you are walking in truth
    "walking" = lifestyle
    4 My greatest joy is that my children are walking in the truth
    4a I have no greater than this joy
    4b That I hear my children are walking in the truth
  • 5-12 Body
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    5-11 Being a good leader and avoiding bad leadership
    5-10 Good and bad leaders
    5-8 Good leaders
    5-6a Gaius' Hospitality - You are a good leader, supporting the brothers
    5 You are faithfully helping the traveling brothers
    5a Beloved, you are doing a faithful thing
    5b-c In what you are doing, even for strangers
    5b In the thing which you are doing for the brothers
    5c And this for strangers
    6a Result: these testified about your love before the church
    6b-8 The traveling brothers are good leaders, worthy of support
    6b-7 Helping them is doing good
    6b-c You did well to support them on their way
    6b You did these things well
    6c By sending them on in a way worthy of God
    7 Reason: They went out for Christ without support from Gentiles
    7a For they went out for the sake of the Name
    7b Receiving nothing from the Gentiles
    8 Therefore: We should receive them to partner in the truth
    8a Therefore, we ought to receive such as these
    8b Purpose: So that we will be fellow workers in the truth
    9-10 Diotrephes is not a good leader
    9 I tried to help the church, but Diotrephes opposed me
    9a I wrote something to the church
    9b But Diotrephes, the one loving to be first, did not receive us
    "loves to be first" - control freak
    Tragic description - it is horrible in a church, especially in a leader
    But it is sometimes a reality in our broken world
    Rather, we should follow Jesus' example and serve others
    10 Therefore: I will deal with him
    10a If I come
    10b-hBecause of this, I will expose his works
    10b Because of this, I will draw attention to his works
    10c-hExplanation: How he is working against us and the traveling brothers
    10cThe things which he is doing
    10d-hSpecifically: He works against us and the traveling brothers
    10d Talking malicious nonsense about us with evil words
    10e-hAnd he works against the brothers
    10e And not being content with this
    10f-hResult: He keeps the brothers from being received
    10fNeg:Neither does this one receive the brothers
    10g-h Pos: And he stops others from doing so
    10gHe is preventing those who want [to receive the brothers]
    10hAnd he throws them out from the church
    Classic selfish control freak
    Hindering others to make himself seem important
    11Therefore: Imitate the good, not bad
    11a-bDon't imitate the bad, but the good
    11aNeg: Brothers, do not imitate the bad
    11bPos: But [imitate] the good
    11c-dDoing good is from God, doing bad is not from God
    11c Pos: The one doing good is from God
    11d Neg: The one doing bad has not seen God
    12 Demetrius is a verified/validated leader
    12a It has been testified about Demetrius by all, and by the truth itself/Himself
    12b-d We also are giving true testimony
    12b We also are testifying
    12c-dTherefore: You know our testimony is true
    12c And you know:
    12d That our testimony is true
  • 13-15 Conclusion
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    13-14 John's intended visit
    This section is very similar to the same section in 2 John
    13Neg: I don't want to speak to you primarily through writing
    13aEven though I have many things to write to you
    13bI don't want to write to you with ink and pen
    14 Pos: I want to speak to you face to face
    14aI hope to see you at once
    14bAnd we will speak face to face
    Literally - "mouth to mouth"
    15Epistle Conclusion
    15a Peace wish: Peace to you
    15b-c Greetings:
    15bThe friends greet you
    i.e. Those at my end send their greetings
    15cGreet the friends by name
    i.e. Greet those at your end for me