This is the page for all my resources and documents for the book of Exodus. The first section contains documents that survey the entire book. The second section contains links to survey videos for the book from the Old Testament Survey course. The next section is broken down by each passage in a general outline of the book. Click the label of any passage to expand for access to documents and information about each individual passage. Feel free to use and distribute any information you find helpful as long as you give credit where appropriate.
General Documents
Survey Videos
Individual Passages
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1:1-13:16 In Egypt
1:1-22 Oppression in Egypt
2:1-6:27 Moses
6:28-11:10 Plagues Cycle
12:1-13:16 Passover and Exodus
13:17-18:27 In the Desert
13:17-14:31 Crossing the Red Sea
  • 13:17-14:4 The Israelites Travel Through the Desert
  • 14:5-9 Pharaoh Chases the Israelites
  • 14:10-25 The Lord Divides the Red Sea
  • 14:26-31 Pharaoh's Army is Destroyed in the Red Sea
15:1-21 The Songs of Moses and Miriam
15:22-17:7 Doubt in the Wilderness
17:8-16 First War
18:1-27 Jethro's Visit
  • 18:1-12 Jethro Hears about God's Great Deeds
  • 18:13-27 Moses Hears Jethro's Good Advice
19:1-40:38 At Sinai
19:1-24:18 Sinai Covenant
19:1-25 Prologue
20:1-26 Ten Commandments
21:1-23:19 The Book of the Law
23:20-33 The Angel is Promised
24:1-18 Covenant Ceremony
25:1-31:18 Instructions for Worship
25:1-9 Offerings for Materials
25:10-40 Plans for Interior Furniture
26:1-37 Plans for the Tabernacle
  • 26:1-6 Plans for the Tabernacle: General
  • 26:7-14 Plans for the Tabernacle: Coverings
  • 26:15-25 Plans for the Tabernacle: Frames
  • 26:26-30 Plans for the TabernacleK Crossbars
  • 26:31-37 Plans for the Tabernacle: Curtains
27:1-19 Plans for Exterior Furniture
27:20-21 Plans for the Lampstand Oil
28:1-43 Plans for the Priestly Garments
  • 28:1-5 Plans for the Garments: General
  • 28:6-14 Plans for the Garments: Ephod
  • 28:15-30 Plans for the Garments: Breastplate
  • 28:31-43 Plans for the Garments: Robe, Tunic, Turban, etc.
29:1-30:38 Plans for the Tabernacle Ministry
31:1-11 Provision of Two Artisans
31:12-18 Laws of the Sabbath
32:1-34:35 Covenant Broken and Renewed
32:1-35 The Golden Calf
33:1-34:35 The Lord Renews the Covenant
35:1-40:38 Building of the Tabernacle
35:1-36:7 Preparation to Build the Tabernacle
36:8-38 The Tabernacle is Made
37:1-24 The Inside Furniture is Made
38:1-20 The Outside Furniture is Made
38:21-31 List of Materials
39:1-31 The Priestly Garments are Made
39:32-40:38 The Tabernacle is Finished
  • 39:32-43 The Word is Dona as the Lord Commanded
  • 40:1-33 The Tabernacle is Set Up
  • 40:34-38 The Glory of the Lord Fills the Tabernacle