This is the page for all my resources and documents for the book of Isaiah. The first section contains documents that survey the entire book. The second section contains links to survey videos for the book from the Old Testament Survey course. The next section is broken down by each passage in a general outline of the book. Click the label of any passage to expand for access to documents and information about each individual passage. Feel free to use and distribute any information you find helpful as long as you give credit where appropriate.
General Documents
Survey Videos
Individual Passages
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1:1-35:10 Book of Judgment
1:1-6:13 Rebuke with Promise
7:1-12:6 The Assyrian Threat
13:1-23:18 Against the Nations
13:1-14:23 Against Babylon
14:24-27 Against Assyria
14:28-32 Against Philistia
15:1-16:14 Against Moab
17:1-14 Against Damascus
18:1-7 Against Cush
19:1-25 Against Egypt
20:1-6 Against Egypt and Cush
21:1-10 Against the Desert By the Sea
21:11-12 Against Edom
21:13-17 Against Arabia
22:1-25 Concerning the Valley of Vision
23:1-18 Concerning Tyre
24:1-27:13 Judgment and Promise
28:1-33:24 Woe Oracles
34:1-35:10 Summary: Judgment and Salvation
36:1-39:8 Interlude
36:1-37:38 Assyria Threatens and Is Defeated by God
38:1-39:8 Hezekiah is Ill, Recovers & Babylon
  • 38:1-8 Hezekiah Falls Ill and Isaiah Promises Healing
  • 38:9-22 Hezekiah's Response
  • 39:1-8 An Ambassador from Babylon Visits Hezekiah
40:1-66:24 Book of Comfort
40:1-48:22 Salvation by the Only God
40:1-41:29 God Will Comfort His People
42:1-9 First Servant Song
42:10-44:23 The Only God Will Save His People
44:24-45:13 God Will Rebuild the City Through Cyrus
45:14-25 God Will Draw All People to Himself
  • 45:14-25 God Will Draw All People to Himself
46:1-48:22 God Will Destroy Babylon
49:1-55:13 Salvation via the Servant
49:1-7 Second Servant Song
49:8-50:3 The Lord Will Restore the Captives
50:4-11 Third Servant Song
51:1-52:12 The Lord Will Restore Jerusalem
  • 51:1-8 The Lord Demands Attention
  • 51:9-16 The Lord Will Bring Back and Comfort His People
  • 51:17-23 The Lord Takes Away the Cup of Wrath
  • 52:1-12 Jerusalem Receives Good News
52:13-53:12 Suffering Servant Song
54:1-55:13 Jerusalem Will Be Blessed
  • 54:1-17 The Barren City Will Be Fruitful
  • 55:1-13 Invitation to Experience God's Blessings
56:1-66:24 Eternal Salvation and Judgment