This is the page for all my resources and documents for the book of Job. The first section contains documents that survey the entire book. The second section contains links to a survey video for the book from the Old Testament Survey course. The next section is broken down by each passage in a general outline of the book. Click the label of any passage to expand for access to documents and information about each individual passage. Feel free to use and distribute any information you find helpful as long as you give credit where appropriate.
General Documents
Survey Video
Individual Passages
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1:1-2:13 Prologue
  • 1:1-5 Introduction:
  • 1:6-12 The Accusation in Heaven
  • 1:13-22 Job Loses His Family and Possessions
  • 2:1-10 Job Loses His Health
  • 2:11-13 The Three 'Comforters' Arrive
3:1-27:23 Dialogues
3:1-26 Job Complains
  • 3:1-10 Job Curses the Day of His Birth
  • 3:11-19 Job Wishes He Died at Birth
  • 3:20-26 Job Wonders Why He Was Born
4:1-14:22 First Round
  • 4:1-21 Eliphaz Responds: The Innocent Are Not Punished
  • 5:1-27 Eliphas Responds: Ask God and He Will Forgive
  • 6:1-30 Job Replies: I'm Suffering and My 'friends' Are Not Helping
  • 7:1-21 Job Replies: I Complain to God "Why Are You Doing This?"
  • 8:1-22 Bildad Responds: God Always Judges Right
  • 9:1-35 Job Replies: I'm Innocent, But How Can I Resist God?
  • 10:1-22 Job Replies: I Ask God "Why Are You Doing This?"
  • 11:1-20 Zophar Responds: You Don't Understand God, Repent
  • 12:1-25 Job Replies: God is Sovereign, He Has Done This
  • 13:1-12 Job Replies: You think You're Defending God, But You're Wrong
  • 13:13-22 Job Replies: I Still Assert My Innocence
  • 13:23-28 Job Replies: Why Am I Being Punished?
  • 14:1-22 Job Replies: Life Is Suffering, But I Hold On To Hope
15:1-21:34 Second Round
  • 15:1-16 Eliphaz Responds: You Are Not a Wise Man, But a Sinner
  • 15:17-35 Eliphaz Responds: The Wicked Are Always Punished
  • 16:1-5 Job Replies: You Are Horrible Comforters
  • 16:6-17 Job Replies: God is Fiercely Punishing Me, But I'm Innocent
  • 16:18-17:2 Job Replies: My Advocate Will Prove Me True
  • 17:3-16 Job Replies: They Have No Wisdom
  • 18:1-21 Bildad Responds: The Wicked Are Punished
  • 19:1-29 Job Replies: I Have Hope
  • 20:1-29 Zophar Responds: Job is Arrogant to Deny Our Argument
  • 21:1-34 Job Replies: I Deny That the Wicked Are Always Punished
22:1-27:23 Third Round
  • 21:1-34 Eliphaz Responds: You are Punished b/c You are Wicked, Repent!
  • 23:1-17 Job Replies: I Want to Talk to God, but He is Inaccessible
  • 24:1-25 Job Replies: Why Does God Not Judge? But He Does Judge
  • 25:1-6 Bildad Responds: How Can Man Be Righteous Before an Awesome God?
  • 26:1-14 Job Replies: You Suck as 'friends' but God is Great
  • 27:1-23 Job Replies: I Will Never Deny My Integrity, Though I've Been Wronged
28:1-28 Interlude: Where is Wisdom Found?
29:1-42:6 Monologues
29:1-31:40 Job's Monologue
  • 29:1-25 I Long for the Past When God Protected and Blessed Me
  • 30:1-31 But Now I'm Suffering and God Does Not Help
  • 31:1-40 I Am Innocent, But I Can't Get a Hearing for Justice
32:1-37:24 Elihu's Monologue
  • 32:1-5 Elihu is Angry at Their Lack of Answers
  • 32:6-22 I Wanted to Defer to the Wisdom of Age, But I Must Speak
  • 33:1-33 Don't Complain About Injustice, But Repent
  • 34:1-37 God Cannot Be Wrong, So Job is Wrong
  • 35:1-16 God is Not Going to Listen to Job's Accusations
  • 36:1-25 God is Judging Job for His Wickedness
  • 36:26-37:24 The Three 'Comforters' Arrive
38:1-42:6 God's Monologue
38:1-39:30 God Questions Job
  • 38:1-3 God Speaks!: "I will question you"
  • 38:4-18 God Questions Job: "You don't understand creation"
  • 38:19-38 God Questions Job: "You don't understand weather"
  • 38:39-39:30 God Questions Job: "You don't understand animals"
40:1-5 Job Replies
40:6-41:34 God Questions Job
  • 40:6-14 God Questions Job: "Can you do justice better?"
  • 40:15-24 God Questions Job: "Can you control Behemoth?"
  • 41:1-34 God Questions Job: "Can you control Leviathan?"
42:1-6 Job Replies
42:7-16 Epilogue
  • 42:7-9 God Rebukes Job's 'friends'
  • 42:10-17 Job is Blessed Twice as Much as Before Suffering