This is the resource site for the Scripture Exegesis Bible Study documents.

These studies are organized by individual Bible books, and then broken down to specific passage, in the general outline of the Bible book. Click on a Bible book in the menu above, and then navigate to any passage to see which resources are available. Some documents are fairly advanced, dealing with the Bible's original languages, but many are accessible to believers of any skill level.

Some of the resources you will find include the following:
  • Sentence Diagrams and Sentence Flows.
  • Arcs and Teaching outlines.
  • Mini Word Studies.
  • Survey and Introduction presentations for Bible books.
  • Presentations from individual passages.
  • Detailed outlines of Bible books.
  • Annotated interlinear and/or detailed translations.
  • A variety of other Bible related documents.

Each page will have a variety of resources appropriate for that book, and according to the amount of work I have done in each particular book. Feel free to explore and see what you will find.

This site will be updated on a regular basis so keep checking back. Only a small portion of material is currently finished, and only a portion of this is posted. Only certain Bible books are posted so far, but eventually, God willing, I'll post material from every Bible book. I'll be in process of updating little by little.

If you have trouble opening any of the resources, I suggest you enable Javascript in your browser.

I pray that you will develop a deep understanding and life changing practice of God's Word,
I pray that you develop great skill in studying God's Word through this site,
I pray that you develop a great love of God's Word through this site,
I pray that you develop a deeper relationship with the Author of God's Word through this site.